Monday, June 6, 2011


I liked this book. Is that a surprise?? Is there EVER a book i DONT like. Well, there has been, i just dont write about them on my blog. lol. Anyway, this is a book by the same author who wrote "The Secret Life O Bees" , and there were a lot of parallels. From the sacred femininity, to the Carolina location. The over all plot of the book is Jessie is a middle aged women, who begins to long for more in her life. She starts to feel crushed by her marriage and existance, which leads to a steamy romance ect ect! The only thing i hate about books and movies that portray affairs is that the affair ALWAYS seems to go WELL. The two lovers always seem to fall desprately in love and stay there. SO UNREAL, but it makes for a good book and apparently a good LIFETIME movie:

The Mermaid Chair only on Lifetime by ElectricArtists

I REALLY want to see this, you know my OBSESSION with reading the book and then seeing the movie if there is one. And a lot of times there ARE!!

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