Friday, June 24, 2011

Book: Princess: Life Beihind the Veil in Saudi Arabia

A true page turner!! I couldnt put it down for things like eatting and sleeping. I love when women are BRAVE. It is exspected that men be brave. That is a trait that is VERY EASILY associated with men. Bravery is as closly associated with men, as masculinity is associated with men. What i mean by this is, im not saying that women cant be brave or that its not exspected for a women to be brave (especially concerning the protection of her children)but society put more pressure on men to be BRAVE then for women. If a man goes to war, he is EXSPECTED to be brave and run toward the battle lines , where its a little more ok for a women to not. This book changed for me that perspective on bravery. In Saudi Arabian society, to exist as a women REQUIRES bravey. Most of men in the country of Saudi Arabia are monsters and this book tells the harowing story of a Princess. She is dubbed Princess Sultana, which isnt her real name but for her safety she has to take on this alias to tell her story. She is a BRAVE women who REFUSES to live with the unjustes suffered by Saudi women, at the hands of the men. In the book just when i thought i could trust her husband and i thought he was a good Saudi man, but that place seems to only breed shallow men of no substance. Its THAT society, THAT CULTURE and PLACE. a GOOOOOD book!!

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