Thursday, June 16, 2011

BOOK: The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma

Such an AWESOME book!! It's a memoir of a girl and the relationship she shared with her father. Such a CLOSE knitt bond, its almost tangible through the pages. I thorugly enjoyed each page! The memoir chronicles a goal that Alice and her father set to read for 100 nights in a row. Once this goal was met however, niether wanted to stop, so it turned into a father/ daughter tradition that was dubbed THE STREAK. No matter what the streak couldnt be broken...and dispite many threats it wasnt.
I love books that motivate and get me on my game because although poots and I read togther OFTEN (at least 4 times a week) it would be better to do it EVERYDAY. I personally LOVE traditions, and rituals, so anything that feeds that desire is right up my alley. My favorite part of the book was when Alice tells of her childhood morbid fear of the corpes of John F. Kennedy appearing on her bottom bunk and nightly course she had to run to prepeare for bed. HA! Hilarious.

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