Thursday, October 21, 2010

BOOK: Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway ...and More

OMG!!!! So FLY!! A great compilation obook of poetry by some of the dopest lyricist in the Slam World. And the fac t that its allll the way On Broadway gives added effect to the fact of poetry growing. Lately I have been sooo in love with reading, and poetry, and words...its flustering. there are time that i am so enthralled with a book that i feel i cant read fast enough. loool Its like my eye balls cant move accross the page fast enough. loool. im silly, i know. But a good book of poetry is always whats needed. The right "medicine" at the right time. I am so impressed wth people who are writters and poets, and rappers and REALLY know and love words. I only pray that i can be as great as the great poets of my day:
Some featured in te book are:
Beau Sia
Black Ice
Georgia Me
Mayda Del Valle
Staceyann Chin
Steve Colman
Suheir Hemmad

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