Thursday, October 21, 2010

BOOK: Regaining Joy: A Guide to Ivercoming Stress and Sadness by Renee Bartkowshi

This book was so beautifully written. In the form of prayers to God. Beautiful heartfelt prayers and COVERSATIONS with God. Thats one of the things i deffinately need to work on, having more CONVERSATIONS with God. So much of my prayers consist f asking for, and praising him, thanking him, and thats all good and needed, but i REALLY want to just TALK to him. Some of that other stuff seems so formal when im speaking to God. There are days when i just want to master the art of talk to him like he were a physical person right here in front of me. This book is a good book to read out loud, because it is a book of prayers.Just like the bible book of Psalms is good to read out loud because tey help you to talk with God, to praise him. There are some days i dont know what to say to god, or i feel like i am running out of words to say to praise him. When i turn to the Book of Psalms it is always filled with heartfelt praise that draws me close to God and back where i need to be.

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