Friday, October 8, 2010

Book: Midnight A Ganster Love Story by Sister Souljah

was a ok book. it was interesting and i enjoyed comming to a better understanding about Islam. i had so many rediculous views of Islam (as many Christians do who dont study islam)that are now settled through understanding. But what i did not like was the arrogence of main character Midnight about his religion and Africa in general. i hated how Souljah painted every young black American as being moralless, floosy, killing machines. she madeit seem like Africa is ABSOLUTLY PERFECT and America is ABSOLUTE hell. and niether on is true. Africa needs to make improvments just as America. so she can sit down far as putting americans down is concern.
But...with all that said i did enjoy the character and want to folow his story. i wil be reading the follow up book due to come out in 2011. if doing nothing eles...i will be reading. nohing wrong with that.

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