Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Uppity Poots (inspired by another blog)

i read another blog and it got me to thinking. about black people and what it means to be black. as i read it it made me think on my life. and how in school/ life (even now sometimes) i was told that i was "different" then most black people. and i was. my mother taught me how to speak well from a early age, to read books a,d value education, to love people and travel. my mother ALWAYS spoke proper english. and by chance she married a white man. and to this DAY people call her phoney because she doesnt speak like most "black people". they make like she thinks shes better then most blacks because of this, or shes trynna be something eles. now i dont speak as properly as she does, but you can deffinately tell i am my mothers child. lol. but i have never understood this mentality of certain black people that you have to speak like a bafoon in order to not be considered phoney. or you have to live by this stupid "hood code" in order to be considered lagit. it always annoyed me that because i didnt grow up in the projects living by the hood code of ethics and speaking like a idiot that THAT meant i wasnt black enough or i thougt i was uppity. i went through ALOT in my life. my mother worked THREE jobs to keep me in a decent nieghborhood. and she always taught me the value of speaking well, reading, and writting, and hard work. because there IS more to the world then the hood. and you CAN grow out of that and use your reading, writting and speaking skills to get you out of it.
My mother raised me listening to artists like Yanni (classical music), eatting different ethnic foods and being around different cultures. but THAT was NEVER to say i am not black, or trying to be a different culture. because just the same as she exposed me to those things EVERY year we went BAAAAACK down SOUTH to the back woods of Georgia and pulled corn, stayed in shacks and enjoyed our SOUTHERN, BLACK family. we listened to peabo bryson, phyllis hyman, anita baker ect. i would say she had a healthy balance.
i will do the EXACT same thing with poots. God forbid we should have hard times and live to struggle and live in not the best of places. but i will always teach her to speak proper english and dont care what people think. shoot, if you want to eat wit hchop stix DO SO. lol. i will let her listen to different world music, and teach her things OTHER then HOOD stuff. lol. i feel if she is raised in that enviroment due to cercumstances it is important for her to develope and live by a code to survive, but she will be christian first. andi hate it when people say "i got to survive THESE STREETS" no, my CHILD wont be in the streets. so that cutes down a lot of riff raff right there. children have no business in the street. during the school week she will be in the house and on the weekend in the house by the time the street lights come on. and when i look out the window i better see her. lmaooo. sorry i went off topic.anyway i said ALLLLLLLLLL of that to say that people will probably accuse poots of the same thing. accuse her of thinking she uppity because she's in the house as opposed to out runnin around, tease her because she wears a natural, and speaks well. she'll be strong. i'll raise her to not care

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