Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marathon Training: I MET MY GOOOOOAL!!!

I wanted to run a mile in 10 minutes and i did it!!! I am soo happy and proud of myself. These past few weks of marathon training I have learned a few things: 1. I hurt myself doing this. Had shin splints pretty badly. Because: -I was running with improper shoes. So i bought a brand new pair - laid off of running for a while and during this time, kept up with my endurance on the elliptical and swimming. Poots and I joined The Y for the indoor pool and the yoga lessons. It's located right around the corner from my job. I LOVE IT! -I also learned during this time that I am a overpronator. - So i'm thinking i need yet another pair of shoes. A DIFFERENT pair for running. With Firm soles for running days. -Saw a commercial for Dr. Shcolls inserts for runners and athletes. Nearly flipped out of the bed with excitment. Cant wait to try them 2. My knees hurt. I read that this is because the muscles that surround the knee joint is not strong enough to withstand the pressure of running. - So now i have incorporated a total body strength training ruotine. - Right now i am just trying to strengthen the muscle with my own body weigh type resistance before i start to add weights to build muscle. 3. Added Strength training for Muscle building. I dont really like this part. But i have to keep reminding myself that if i want to do continue to do what i love which is run, then i have to do what i love less...which is strength training. - I do light weights at the gym and seated arm dips when i'm working -My goal is to be able to do push/ pull ups. And pretty much not have muscles with the consistancy of mashed potatoes. lol - For my quads,gluts, and knees. i do squats, side leg raises, hip tilts (which are actually really fun and really tiring), The sit and hold my raised knee for 30 secs while at work. And i climb the stairs a lot while i'm home, naturally. lol. 4. I like stretching properly for flexibility and so that i dont break in half. lol. - the seated knee bend feels great - the butterfly stretch - and a few great yoga poses. YYAAAAAYYY!! I kick ass. loool

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