Thursday, June 13, 2013


What I want to challenge myself to be able to do eventually. I want to get here: . Kick boxing and regular boxing - Pull/push ups - Pole dancing classes - Theres a wall at The Y I am hell bent on trying - Upside down push ups. - Advanced Yoga poses. - Strength-> endurance-> flexibility - A flat belly. - Going a month without any junk food. whay the hell is this so hard to do? I need to keep the right types of foods in my house. Ready and available for when i am hungry. Devin orders out alot. I need to do better with eatting breakfast,keep something on my belly at all times, and staying hydrated so that I dont feel hungry. - Do more math and brain exercises - Spend my time wisely and buckle down with myself with facebook and stuff. i may even close a few accounts. It's just too much. Too time consuming. Staying off the phone. - Go back to school. along with a few other things. lol

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