Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just Writing

I am loving my hair lately!!! OMG!! I am loving that i have FINALLY found a routine that works for ME. I'm so happy that I challenged myslef to let it grow for a least two years before cuting it. I WONT be cutting it any time soon. I do have some trouble spots on my sides (edges) and backs (the nape area) that need a lot of help this spring and summer. But over alli am loving how easy it is! I do it ONCE A WEEK, and during the week i just finger pluck it on my way to work to get its shape back. HA! I would have never though that it would be going this well for me. lool. I have also been working out. This extra 20 pound from having the baby JUST WONT BUDGE! and i'm not helping it with the amount of junk i eat. Which really sucks because i ALSO eat a lot of good stuff, but i void it out with the cookies, cakes, and pies. *palm to forhead*. My progress, however with working out has been PHENOMENAL! I am sooo proud of myself. My ultimate goal is to run in the Baltimore 1/2 Marathon in October which is 13 miles. I have been training pretty intensely for that. When i began 3 weeks ago i could run 1 mile in 20 mintues. My goal is to run 1 mile in 10 minutes. So far i have gotten it down to 1 mile in 14:30 sec this week!!! My running goals are : 1 mile in 10 minutes to 2 miles in 20 mintues to 3 miles in 30 mintues (w/o stopping) jogging the 3 miles to work to 3 miles back and forth to work daily. On the pavement because trainging on the treadmill is not NEARLY as tasking as training on the outside pavement. Dont ask me why but its just WAY DIFFERENT and WAY HARDER! Once i get to the 6 miles back and forth to work daily i will begin to build up miles toward being able to complete the half marathon. i will be updating weekly or so. I think of where i was a year or so ago and have to say that i honestly believe i was sooo depressed because i had stopped setting goals for myself. i had stopped living life for myself. I had given up on or lost, somehow, MY LIFE! Stopped doing the things i like, like exercising, planting flowers, partying, and seekingout friendships. I had become sooo consumed with the bleakness (which actually turned out to not be so bleak) of my marriage that i forgot to create other means of happiness. I FORGOT TO ENJOY MY DAUGHTER!!I FORGOT TO BE GREATFUL!! And spiritually i was( and still am) a MESS but I really feel i am on the right path now. So thank you GOD for all that you have given me and all that you have shown me. Ase'

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