Thursday, April 4, 2013

BOOK: Tapping The Power Within by Iyanla Vanzant

Words cannot describe how happy i am to have read this book!!! It put order to what i was feeling/ thinking spiritually.Gave me a blueprint of what to do spiritually. Not only that but it answered many questions i have been asking myself for months now. It calmed my confusion on matters like God blessing us, and answering our prayers.I love how she understands the plight of a lot of black women spiritually in feeling "i am a black women and feel a STRONG PULL toward African spirituality but i also have been raised and taught to believe in Christ.Is it possible that the two go hand in hand and if so HOW?" One of the main points i was able to take away from Tapping The Power Within is the importance of ritual. Having a little order and consistency in your days and ur spiritual life. I wrote out my ritual in my journal: MORNING RITUAL: exercise spiritual bath with epsom salts essential oils and incense. Anointing and blessing myself during these spiritual baths. Just relaxing and releasing EVENING RITUAL: -observing my evening tidy up -cooking -bathing the kids and making sure she gets her spiritual bath -pouring libations w/poots -blessing/anointing/praying with Poots -watching productive television ( like a spiritual dvd , or something funny like Ellen to raise the Vibrations) NIGHT TIME RITUAL (i am at work) -journaling -prayer/affirmations -mediation -spiritual/educational video -reading as much as possible In my spiritual journey I have been looking for more opportunities lately to be of service and to give more of myself and my resources. One of the ways i am going to do this is by spending a lot of my tax refund money on others. Sewing it (money) into the lives of people who need it, taking care of my responsibilities (the car, the insurance, and devin's library fees) and i also want to purchase as many copies of this book as I can and give it away to a few friends. This book was a eye opener and a life changer for me.

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