Sunday, February 24, 2013


So I entered a 6 mos challenge with my hair this year as i do every year during the cold months. I have soooo much new growth i am soooo super excited that i have decided to cut my challenge short by a few days. lol..i REALLY want to wear my hair and just cant take it anymore. plus i have some work to do on my edges from it being in protective styles for so long. i need some edge cream of some sort. any good suggestions?? My rutine is still Shea moisture curling souffle and the eco styler gel. I'm super pumped because i found a HUGE jug of eco styler gel at a hair store down the street from my house that i will be getting a few of. because when i discovered eco styler gel, i would just buy like 3-4 of the medium sized tuubs. but i dont like running out of a good hair product, especially since i have fallen in love with my hair the way that i have this past year because of this gel.

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