Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hair update

OMG!! So much has happened with this head of time over the past few months. But I am still going on, and growing strong. So here goes:
1. My job wont upgrade the internet to Google chrome so its been kind of hard to post. So I do what I can from my phone.
2. A few months ago I went through this phase here I just HAD to have purple hair, so I beached the part I wanted and died it. Well it didn't come out the shade I wanted it to. I couldn't find the right semi permanent color. I let the purple fade and just went with the blonde in the front.
3. I found out I was pregnant and was entirely too sick and tires to do anything with my hair. And I really hated it. Because I was also quite depressed over it. Wight the pregnancy hormones and all, not looking pretty was not a good thing. But I also wasn't going to pay 150-200 dollars to get my hair professionally done
4. My ends were split REALLY badly and tthe back of my hair (like the nap area) broke off really badly! Idk how or y, because I NEVER apply heat to my hair. Not even a blow dryer and I only bleached the very front of my hair. And i dont think i could have sustained THAT MUCH damage from those few weeks of neglect in the beginning of my pregnancy.
5. So I cut the split ends off. And I mean my ENTIRE head was split ends. It was so discouraging because I lost a lot of length and all my hard work of growth and taking care of my hair went down the drain (literally).
6. As my pregnancy progressed and I entered my 2nd trimester a lot of the sickness and tiredness wore off so I put some. Braids in. It took me a week. But I just told myself not to worry about the time and just DO IT how I can. And that's just what I did. LOL. It turned out OK. Didn't last long. Only about a month. Although I wanted them for 2. Oh well.
7. The following month I broke down and went to the shop and paid 150 dollars to get my hair in spring twist and I HATED them. They were short and ugly to me. I was solo dissapointed. Not to mention that after a week they looked as if I had them in for 6 mos. They were fussy and falling out in the back where my breakage is. PISSED is not the word.
8. After I took them out I clipped my ends. And a glimmer of LIGHT! hardly no split ends. The last time I cut allllll the split ends out was about a month n a half ago. So I was happy. My goal is to do it every 6-8 weeks. Just to kept on top of it.
9. Saturday I paid 60 dollars to get my hair cornrowed only to have it come out in the back and look a mess after 3 days.
10. Today. I just feel like I am done wig trying to style it. Or paying a fuckin arm n a leg to get it done professionally only for it to come out in the back where its all broke off. So imma just continue to do it myself for the summer. And wear it out when I can to allow the back to grow to it will stay in styles I get. But as I said on twitter (I'm speaking to my imaginary readers and followers here. LOL) that I believe my TRUE hair "issue" is that no matter what I do, short, long, braid, twist, Afro WHATEVER I never feel pretty or satisfied. And it is a confidence issue. My skin is terrible no matter what I do and my hair never looks the way I want. So I am just being still and worrki g on that issue right now and taking care of the back of my hair:
1. Just trying to let my hair be out for the summer
2. Wear my satin cap everynight
3. Moisturize daily
4. Clip my ends

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