Monday, July 30, 2012

BOOK: The Other Women by Joy Fielding

I HATED THIS BOOK!! OH! I couldnt WAIT until i was done. The plot of the book starts out as Nicole Clark approaching the main character Jill Plumley and informing her that she is going to marry her husband. And i thought from there it would keep getting juicy. Well, IT DIDNT after that initial FIRST sentence the book DRAGGED on pointlessly until i was about 1/2 through. Then at about the half way mark, things pick up with a interesting plot twist when murder is thrown into the mix. Not a GOOD, INTERESTING murder, but the murder of David Plumley's (jill's husband) boss. He was really a random dude i could have cared less was dead. But he was, and the guilty person was his wife, and Jill's Friend Beth Weatherby. But i hated this book SO BADLY because: 1.It dragged for the half the story 2.It's never revealed rather or not Beth was guilty 3.The authoress goes off on a lot of incoherent tangents along the storyline. Over all, i hated it, it was frustrating and i am glad it's over with. lol

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