Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have taken on a new feminine responsibilty: To LOVE My SISTERS in a different way then I ever have before. I feel that it is VITAL to our sex to be united and appreciated. I have not always held to this ideal, for not too many years ago I didnt LIKE WOMEN!!**GASPS** I felt they were sneaky and catty, and only out to hurt. I like being in the company of men better because i felt i could avoid all of that. But allas sneaks and "cats" exist amongst both sexes. I too am gulity of sneaking and catting around myself. But as i have grown older and more mature i see the plight of women and children in this world. My feminist eyes have been opened and the light has been brightened on the situation we are in economically, spiritually, personally ect. I have concluded that women have behaved in this manner as defence mechanisms. A protection. ITS HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMPSTRESS. lool. We take care of the children, clean the house, carry on jobs and careers and all of this to MAYBE have a FEW people in our corners cheering us on. In a situation like this who's PATIENCE and KINDNESS, and MORAL wouldnt be tried at times?? With that said i VOW TO BE IN YOUR CORNER. To cheer you on and "hold you down", simply because you are my sisters and if we dont do it...who will? I am not saying that there arent men out there who love, cherish and support us. But what has happened to US LOVING, CHERISHING and SUPPORTING OURSELVES?? I vow to never intentionally hurt another women, to smile at every women i see, and to do everythingin my power to help my fellow TRESSES. I hope i have a few followers who can can vow this vow of sisterhood with me??!!

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