Thursday, June 10, 2010

Took Down the Rihanna video

I didnt like it. it was deamonic in my opinion. So iv decided instead to just write. i have been battling TERRIBLE bouts of depression all week. i have been CRYING,and ANGRY and nauseous. After my breakdown earlier this week, i just cant seem to pull myself together. and its not just this situation with my mom. its MORE then that. its: 1. What if my marriage fails, and i fall flat on my face? 2. would i go back to being a JW? i wouldnt want to but at the same time i would want to go to the same church Devin does. 3.I am soooo tiredof ARGUING and feeling annoyed, and being misunderstood in my marriage. i just REALLY dont know HOW to deal. I know i didnt make a mistake in getting married, i know this is just Satan stressing me out....but im REALLY at my wits end with the preassure of it all. and getting NO relief. My situation with my mom doesnt seem to be getting any better, then i have to deal with Devin's aggrevation ect. JUST EVERYTHING!! i need a break. i REALLY do! i love my husband, bu i need relief. not to mention my back is KILLING me!

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