Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Writting

so how is EVERYONE??? beautiful women of god. imma just tell u about the happening sin my life right now and we can just conversate off of that.

1. i am TOTALLY excited about starting my own little business. i will be making handmade jewelry to sell and half of all proceeds will go to a breast cancer organization or some sort of charity. Also i will be making blankets/ shawls to give to the homeless this winter.

2. Today i restart my exercise rutine. i had to stop for a week or so because i had a UTI that had me sick to my stomach.

3.I LOOOOVE reading. i have FALLEN IN LOVE with the local library. i think this Friday my daughter and i are going to go to the main library downtown. ITS HUGE!!! Right now im reading a book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. its about how couples express thier love for one another. and how we sometimes miss the mark with each other because your partner's love language ( or the way he recieves/ gives love) may be different then yours. Actually THAT one my best friend gave me

4. My prayer life/ bible reading has GREATLY increased in the past few months. we pray more often together as a family and i do my bible reading ALMOST daily. still working on this. But i am happy its increased as much as it has. and my desire to do it has.

5. TOTALLY enjoying the girl time i have been spending with my daughter. shes SOOOOOO much fun. this past wekend she and i took the bus downtown to the African American Heritage festival. we saw Leela James and ate and played games. and got free stuff. HAD A BLAST!! i think this Friday she and i are either going to go downtown to the main library or to the beach. if we go to the beach we are going to take crabs and watermelon and cold subs. YUP all that for just her and i . Daddy will be at work. so we take girl time while he's there.

6. This weekend is my husband's birthday. By his birthday only being one week away from father's i usually ony get him ONE gift. this year he has COMPLETELY fallen in love with bowling and expressed his want of a custom made ball. so i will get him that. he ALSO on the slide brought up that he would like to have a wallet cause he said he feels stupid and immature carrying his stuff around loosly in his pockets. i agree. but he only thinks he's getting the bowling ball. so he is actual birthday isnt until Tuesday, but he will be celebrating it on Saturday of course. I am going to give him his ball on Saturday. But on Tuesday imma surprise him with a nice leather ingraved wallet. loool. HE"S GONNA FLIP!! he deserves it. i LOVE HIM!! and im going to buy him the BIGGEST steak and potatoes and fry it up for him and give him that with some steamed broccoli. i saw these steaks in the grocery store the other day that were the BIGGEST steaks iv EVER seen. JUST HUGE!. loool

Seem like it was something eles i had to say...but i forgot. loool. So thats some of the happenings in my life right now. i cant believe i just wrote all that.

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