Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Fitness Goals For this Month

1.EveryDay Run 3 mils or the equivalent of cardio for AT LEAST 30 mins : in 6 mos i want to be able to run 3 mils in 30 mins
2.Every OTHER Day: 100 stomach crunches. 20 leg lifts
3.Every Other Day : i do my legs and arms in weights

1.Cut out meat, white flour food, extra salt, sugar, coffee
2.In 6 mos i want to be eatting ONLY fruits, veggies and whole wheat products
3. juicing
i feel sooo FULL and icky when i eat flour products. it makes no sense. but wheni eat wheat...i feel less BULKY and i go to the bathroom more.

i must say that im doing good on my way to these things though. i have more self control tn i thought. my least favorite exercise are abs

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