Monday, September 28, 2009

is there a LIMIT to revolution?

soul_frodisiac: hey boo
amethystine225: hey boo
soul_frodisiac: hey honey lumps
amethystine225: lol
soul_frodisiac: how is u?
soul_frodisiac: how was ur day?
amethystine225: eh i slept most of it
amethystine225: me n mina slept
soul_frodisiac: oh coool
amethystine225: o u do
amethystine225: thanks
amethystine225: girl ive been so angry
amethystine225: this boy got killed in a gang fight
soul_frodisiac: wat was ya hair doin?
soul_frodisiac: right
soul_frodisiac: i heard about that
amethystine225: he was a honor roll student
amethystine225: yeaaa
amethystine225: that shit pissed me off
amethystine225: damn black people...
amethystine225: iunno
amethystine225: i cant take it
soul_frodisiac: dont be angry
soul_frodisiac: i was too
amethystine225: its just a distraction
soul_frodisiac: awwwwwwwwwwww
amethystine225: theres a serious problem hair
amethystine225: here*
amethystine225: with our black youth
soul_frodisiac: yea
soul_frodisiac: i mean
soul_frodisiac: so what ru doin?
soul_frodisiac: bout it now?
soul_frodisiac: im just sayin
amethystine225: iunno what to do.. what i can do
amethystine225: i wanna reach out
amethystine225: i think thats the problem with us tho
amethystine225: we get defeated too fast
amethystine225: we dont care until the shit hits home
soul_frodisiac: i do care
soul_frodisiac: but its like midnight
soul_frodisiac: i cant do nothing NOW if i tried
soul_frodisiac: if something came my way
soul_frodisiac: and we could do something i would
soul_frodisiac: but my ass is at work and urs is home
soul_frodisiac: i am not gonna sit here this late at night and FORCE myself to mill on sad shit
soul_frodisiac: sorry
amethystine225: but we can also spend time planning
amethystine225: to make a next move
amethystine225: if we cant do anything
amethystine225: im just tired of our black kids goin thru shit like this
amethystine225: and no one cares
amethystine225: well people care
amethystine225: and they implement programs
amethystine225: but sigh
amethystine225: eh fuck it
amethystine225: i need to lay down
amethystine225: my heart cant take this
soul_frodisiac: right
soul_frodisiac: thats what im saying
amethystine225: what im sayin is how many people feel the same way
soul_frodisiac: amethystine225: but we can also
spend time planning
amethystine225: to make a next move
amethystine225: eh i cant do anything now..
soul_frodisiac: i understand this
soul_frodisiac: and i understand u sad
soul_frodisiac: but wait and be mad in the am
i say calm down til the am
soul_frodisiac: im not
soul_frodisiac: saying
amethystine225: revolution is 24/7
soul_frodisiac: ignor the shit all together
soul_frodisiac: but im sayin
soul_frodisiac: dont let it consume u
amethystine225: ki im not lettin it consume me
amethystine225: im just tried of bullshittin
soul_frodisiac: cause if u all stressed out n shit what good r u to anyone
soul_frodisiac: u cant accomplish
soul_frodisiac: anything in that state of mind
soul_frodisiac: lmaooo y u say my name like that?
amethystine225: cause im angry
amethystine225: i used to be so hard core
amethystine225: with my black power shit
amesoul_frodisiac: uhuh
soul_frodisiac: so what do u plan on doin?
amethystine225: i let my fire die
amethystine225: iunno i gotta head my head right.. go back in to school
amethystine225: contact my old teachers
amethystine225: my old teacher is teaching a class
amethystine225: n hes welcoming alumni to come
amethystine225: anyone from the neighborhood
soul_frodisiac: uhuh
soul_frodisiac: wat u gonna do?
soul_frodisiac: u gonna go?
soul_frodisiac: i guess
soul_frodisiac: i just have no fight in my system
soul_frodisiac: i would be a lot more
soul_frodisiac: if i werent a mother
amethystine225: yea
soul_frodisiac: and in school n workin
amethystine225: my teacher says that
amethystine225: revolution is for the young
soul_frodisiac: i fight hard enough trynna keep my damn house clean

amethystine225: because they have nothing to lose
soul_frodisiac: right
amethystine225: once u have kids u become afraid
soul_frodisiac: exactly
soul_frodisiac: i cant be goin to jail n shit
soul_frodisiac: i have to be there for my daughter
soul_frodisiac: my revolution is with her
amethystine225: right
soul_frodisiac: i am fighting the fight
soul_frodisiac: WITH HER
soul_frodisiac: i aint got time
soul_frodisiac: to be all bent outta shape
soul_frodisiac: everytime i hear some sad shit thats y i hardly watch the news
soul_frodisiac: because it makes me sad
think about how that boys mother must feel
soul_frodisiac: and i become over whelmed
amethystine225: yea i used to get EXTREMELY paranoid
amethystine225: and sad over the news
amethystine225: i cant watch too much
soul_frodisiac: well then in my overwelmed state of mind im no good to MY little person
and NOONE, or NOTHING comes befor her
soul_frodisiac: you can fight sam
soul_frodisiac: and ur not being complacent
soul_frodisiac: u just have to take a different stand
soul_frodisiac: from a diferent angle
amethystine225: believe me ima be all up in mina school
amethystine225: lmaooooo
soul_frodisiac: i mean
soul_frodisiac: hell yea
soul_frodisiac: i cant do that marchin n stuff
soul_frodisiac: but i can and will teach my daughetr
soul_frodisiac: *daughter
soul_frodisiac: about
soul_frodisiac: idk
amethystine225: its just so crazy cause ive been to protests
amethystine225: with women holding their babies
soul_frodisiac: loving the human race,
amethystine225: and malcolm x died and he had kids
amethystine225: che guevara had kids as well
soul_frodisiac: about being a REAL WOMEN and that includes havin beautiful natural haitr
soul_frodisiac: well
soul_frodisiac: they were bulit differently ten i am
soul_frodisiac: cause i cant do NOTHING thats gonna take me away from my daughter
soul_frodisiac: or my FIRST obligation which is to her
amethystine225: but my thing is..
amethystine225: everthing affects everything
soul_frodisiac: and people r so fuckin turn coat
amethystine225: i would rather fight to clean up my neighborhood
amethystine225: for my daughter
soul_frodisiac: you die for them and do all this shit and they turn on u
amethystine225: cause i dont want her to walk passed the crackheads
soul_frodisiac: right
amethystine225: thats what happens to a revolutionary tho
soul_frodisiac: but how can u do that if u in jail
aint fightin shit in locked up lookin one way
amethystine225: the leader can die but the revolution can always move on
amethystine225: esp. if you have an orginization where everyone is a leader
amethystine225: and not just following one man
soul_frodisiac: ok and if that leader has kids?
soul_frodisiac: im sorry sam
soul_frodisiac: i just
soul_frodisiac: cant see it
amethystine225: we can agree to disagree
amethystine225: che guevaras kids understand
amethystine225: why their dad died
soul_frodisiac: i cant see putting PEOPLE ahead of MY CHILD
soul_frodisiac: ok
amethystine225: his daughter is a activist herself
soul_frodisiac: we'll just have to fight from different angles
soul_frodisiac: i ant that gung hoe
soul_frodisiac: i admire u though
amethystine225: right
soul_frodisiac: and everyone like u
soul_frodisiac: hmmm
soul_frodisiac: but id go to marched
soul_frodisiac: *marches
soul_frodisiac: no
soul_frodisiac: cause if motha fuckas get to shootin
soul_frodisiac: id have to turn into the incredible hulktress
soul_frodisiac: and turn this mutha out
soul_frodisiac: for me theres a limit

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