Wednesday, February 24, 2016

VIDEO: Magic and Miracles - Mysteries of the Bible

I grew up reading and understanding the bible, and although I have GREATLY moved away from Christianity I still LOVE the deep spirituality of the bible. I do not believe that the bible is ALL fairy tales and folklore, but I also do not believe that bible is the only holy book that could/ should be read and lived by. I believe that the bible has a lot of good metaphysical and spiritual points to live by. I also think that the bible is plagiarized and tampered with. A lot of people have the mind set that Christianity and the bible are the only religion and holy book to read and understood, and everything else is false religion and demonized. To me, that is just asinine and fear based. I dont think that a religion should be threatening in any way. "If I do this, or read this...or DONT do this or read this I am going to hell, or I am going to DIE." God and life are all  LOVE, peace, and understanding. I think that humans are permitted to read what they want, but it is we who place these fear constraints on ourselves.

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