Thursday, September 11, 2014

Feeling Good, Feeling great. How are YOU?

I am finally feeling better. Feeling like i am finally (after about 9 years) coming into my peace as an adult. It took so long. I spent so many years crying, and being depressed, anxious over life and confused. It's heart braking to thik of it now. I think the worst part of it all is the example that it gave to my daughter. As a matter of a fact that's one of the resons I stopped writting on here so much, because EVERY post damn near was how much my life sucked. But now, it doesnt suck so much and THANK GOD. Finding a spirituality that i really believe in has helped in GRAND HEAPS. Religious Science was a life changer. Realizing that I am God and I dont need a mediator to get to God was a real life changer. Knowing that heaven and hell are right here on earth IN YOU helped me to realize my divinity and all that i was missing out on in life. I greatly changed my diet and incorporated excercise into my life. Cut out a lot of the white flour products and red meat. My diet now mainly consists of white meat, fruits and veggies. and i feel wonderful because of it. Doing my affirmations and watching positive videos and reading great books has also impacted my life. So it is:
1. Exercise
2. Diet
3. Religious Science
4. Music
5. Affirmative prayer
6. cutting people off
7. having and keeping a set schedule
I have become a complete lone wolf and the peace from it is immeasurable. Nobody around to hurt my feelings or for me to hurt them, or being offending. The peace that comes from not having something negative someone said replay in my mind is beyond words for me. Thank god for my peace and contentment. thank god! i just want to focus on my peace right now. and finally get used to it. i have been so out of touch with it for YEARS. Now i get up and the first thing i do is go get Poots from school. Come home get her homework done and then turn on the music and light my oil burner. Then i clean up the living room, kitchen, bathroom , make dinner and poots' lunch for school. then we go outside usually around 5 or 6. Come back in at 7 and take baths and go to sleep by 8. And life is good. I'm not sleepy and grumpy, i am excited and look forward to things in life. My body is my heaven, my paradise and my Queendom. And so it is. Amen and Ase'

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