Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ITS SPRING!! Goals For the Next 6 Mos

So as you all know, i do i do 6 mos protective styles during the fall and winter months, and 6 mos out styles during the spring and summer months. Well, this 6 month protective challenge left my edges in HORRIBLE shape! especially around my edges! *sad face* So my Goals are: 1.daily edges cream. I'm using 2.daily satin cap I may have to adjust this one. i dont think it's benefiting my edges. I'm going to keep an eye on it though 3.Keeping it out with minimal manipulation. i make my wash and goes, last about a week. which is REALLY great. i love my hair now a days. There was a time i was REALLY going through some issues with loving my hair. i kept cutting it, and not being patient. But two almost two years ago i challenged myself to make it AT LEAST two years without cutting my hair to see how long it would get. and it has far exceeded my expectations. i LOVE IT! FINALLY it's working for me. #longhairdontcare lool. loool FITNESS: I have set/joined a few challenges for myself. And just like my hair, it just want to stick with it, to see what will happen. i want to see if my body really will improve and look/ feel better. so i'm doing the 200 squats/ 200 crunches build up challeneg. i'm on day three now. so far, so sore but i'm getting through it. Right now i wog ( a made up word for my combination walk/ jog that i do lol ) about 1 mile in 20 minutes in the mornings. i like that because its short. i am supposed to wog in the morning AND evening. But with the kids, now, I dont have time/ energy to do extra cardio in the evening. However i WANT to do it this way because it's better for the body to do multiple workouts in the day, and it's shorter. But i may have to chuck it up and wog for a full hour (3 miles) in the morning because with everything now it's hard for me to stop and give up another 20 minutes in the evening. My goal is to build up to 3 miles in 30 minutes. 6 miles a day. i want to be able to get those 6 miles a day in by wogging to and from work daily (it's about 3 miles). MY ULTIMATE GOAL is to run the Baltimore 1/2 marathon ( 13 miles ) in October. But we will see how that goes, with training and all.

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