Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BOOK: Kill Alex Cross BY James Patterson

hmmmm.....the book was good because it was a Alex Cross mystery, they are USUALLY good. However, this was my first read by James Patterson, and some things in the book just didnt match well or align with the theme. The book is about the president's kids being kidnapped and Alex Cross TRYING to be a active detective in the investigation and recovery but for some reason, he cant get his foot in the door. Someone doesnt want him there. There is also a 2nd story line centered on a married couple who belong to a Saudi Arabian terrorist group. What irritated me was that, you EXPECTED this terrorist group to be the culprit behind the kidnapping but it wasnt, it was some regular Joe Schmo guy. Which I KNOW is a good twist to regularity and expectation. But i feel like the reality of some REGULAR dude being able to kidnap the president's kids is close to NON- EXISTENT! That's VERY unrealistic in my opinion, and therefore put this book, in the "fantasy" genre for me. That was just stupid. It would have been nice to maybe see dude in cahoots with the terrorist group maybe as a traitor to the American government because of how he felt about his own son's death. I just dont feel one man could pull that off alone which made it a little phoney to me. But my Goal is to read EVERY James Patterson ALex Cross book, in order.

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