Monday, October 22, 2012


Can you believe it?! Can you just picture it? Can you fathom it??? I CAN!! lool. I am so excited and i cant believe how quickly time is winding down. Isnt lfe just grand. I plan on keeping this level of euphoria for as long as i can. I think i have actually found a spirituality that i like so far. I LOVE the affirmations/ positive thinking/law of attraction stuff. I hate to call it "stuff" but i dont want to call it "New Age" because it's NOT NEW. It's been around for as long as man. and WELL before Christianity. I actually feel GREAT when i force myself to think positively and then IT IS positive. I create MORE positivity. I havnt COMPLETED reading a book in 2 mos. idk why. I have been jumping from book to book. My goal is to read one book a week til i finnish all that is in my phone. and all that are in my closet. Then sell the ones i'm not going to revisit. I have been trying to pray and meditate about a career for myself. i have been trying to list all the things that make me happy. That i could do ALL day, and THAT is what i will make a career of. SO far i have -Animals -reading -writing -i love jewelry -i love crocheted nick nacks i will keep praying and meditating. Keep balancing until i get a DEFINITE answer.

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