Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bored With The Internet Lately

i have been just reading, and tweeting sparingly. i write a lot in my physical notebook. this weekend was a good one. poots and i went to the park. she and i hardly spend any time together anymore. it really hurts. i miss her so much. but i dont know what to do. i HAVE to sleep. and by the time i sleep during the day and go pick her up round 5 i barely see her cause she's sleep around 7. but maybe now that devin wont be taking her to his job (cause he wont b needed anymore)she and i can spend more time together. cause i do wake up around 1 or 2. so we could spend the remander of day together.idk how it will work out. but something's got to give cause i miss her terribly.
i have been drenched in reading material lately. I LOVE it. i would rather read then watch tv. and when i do watch a little tv...i almost feel gulty about it cause i think...."this time watching tv could have spent knocking out a few pages of that book." til next time, lovelies

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