Tuesday, July 13, 2010


so as u all know i have enjoyed a pretty regular exercise rutine lately. for at least a month i have gotten off work and gone to the gym inthe mornings. and LET ME TELL YOU THE BENEFITS!!!!!!
1.a SEVERLY increased libido!OMG!!!! How i DO enjoy NUMBER ONE!!! My husband has benefited greatly from this one. I believe it has something to do with the increased blood flow to "certain" "happy" areas, and the endorphines your body releases . MY MIND IS ALLLWAYS on sex and how i cant wait to get home to DO MY HUSBAND!! EEEOOWW!!! i feel so pretty, and sexy. i sit at work and day dream about him. wishing that we were together more often through the day.
2.MAJOR improved look of skin: My skin has this BEAUTIFUL smooth reddish tint. iv been using Aveeno too. im sure both things has a combination of it
3.not as depressed: i feel better emotionally. YESSSSS BITCHES!!
4.detoxes the body you sweat out all those daily toxins that the enviroment may put into ur skin and body. I LOVE IT!!

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