Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Fall Back

So i have officially decided that fall is my favorite time of year. it's so beautiful and perfect. the red trees i think are my favorite part of it all. this year is especially meaningful to me beings though i am ending the best summer of my life. Potts was born right in MArch. Just in time for summer. And boy did she make it hottt! i had sooo much fun with this lil girl. i think back to fall a year ago. this time last year i was...about 5 mos pregnant..and just beginning to show. and now look at me and my poots. OMG! who would have thought. But this summer was so important for me. full of learning experiences and unparalleled happiness with her. lmaoooo. spending summer days in the grass. all that goodness.

mmm...another event that was profound this summer was this damn hair. aughhh! well it's finally growing and beginning to get somewhere. living with devin. all that made this summer quite eventful.

Now i have my family to look forward to cuddling up to this fall and winter. i bought poots like 10 new outfits to start off with this fall and winter. OMG! warm fleece material and stuff with hoodies and thick socks. i need to buy her hat, scarf and gloves. i dont have to be alone tis winter which makes my out look so much brighter.

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