Monday, March 21, 2016

BOOK: What A Difference A Mom Makes By Dr. Kevin Leman

I have recently gotten into reading more parenting books. As much as i love the self help/ spiritual genre I'd like to expand my horizons. I realized not long ago ( 3 years in. I'm late , I know) that I dont know a lot about raising a boy and although his father is here and very much a part of his life there are still areas I  need to know about. Not only that, but i sort of feel like I have dropped the ball when it comes to certain areas of my children's lives. i know noone is perfect, and behind every great kid is a mom who is sure she is fucking it up but there is nothing wrong with a few "how to" guides on children.  This book was GREAT! Gave me great insight into the major role the parent of the opposite sex of a child really plays (fathers with their daughters and mothers with their sons) on the lives of the child. Dr. Leman point out that boys need to feel needed, and respected, and. how important it is to STICK TO YOUR WORD with a boy, as a mom. Boys like to do things for themselves. This is so true even with a 3 year old.

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