Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Life has been ultimately great lately. I am excited about it all, and more then pleased to be comingout of my 20's with the knowledge about life that i have now. I now know what makes me happy: PEACE. My then anything in this world I persue not, happiness but PEACE of mind. Meaning the absence of problems discord in my life. I am pleased with my spiritual path and having a schedule that i stick to now, has also made things much easier for me. I am now better able to know what will and wont contribute to my happiness and peace of mind and so i avoid what wont. you dont know how profound that is for me. I picked out things that I wanted to do that would help me to feel more fulfilled in my life as a WOMEN first, then a mother and a wife. Taking care of myself all around. Holistically. I run everyday like I love, clean up and read books with poots. Make sure that we get outside in the sun. I am also really trying to avoid the type of winter I had last year. I was REALLY depressed from lack of sun and not taking care of myself. I just want to focus on being happy and peaceful. Anything that brings me those two things is welcome in my LIFE

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