Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Can you believe it??? It's been 5 years already and 5 years since starting this blog. lol. Time sure does fly. It seems just a blink ago I was pregnant with her. I love her so much it hurts sometimes. My first love.
Everything went well. She did good her first day. No least not from her. lol. I had actually been crying off and on all week. Everytime i went to the store to get her something for school i was tearing up. Then the night before she went i just let it all out. lol. Crying hysterically. lol. I just want her to be ok. ANd i think thats every mother's school fears. I. Just. Want. Her. To. Be. OK! But so far so good. She's VERY socialable. and busy. Her teachers have a reporrt for me everyday so far. lol. But we already knew this about Poots. we already knew she was a fire cracker. I tell myself that this quality will play in her favor...even if not to her teacher's benefit. lol

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