Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DOCUMENTARY: Spirit of The Marathon (And my own Baltimore Marathon training)

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This documentary was so inspiring and motivational. I REALLY love running. But what has sort of discouraged me is that i dont really see the weight comming off. I havethese 20 stubborn pounds that just WILL NOT GO AWAY. However, after watching his movie I have shifted my motivation for running the half marathon from a way to get back in shape to just something to be doing fo the sheer joy of it. Because honestly at this point running has become a part of my life. i LOVE how it makes me FEEL. i honestly say forget about the physical benefits and i am more focused on the spiritual and mental benefits because i feel PHENOMENAL. lol. Now My run time is 1 mile in 10:32ish. And i am so proud of myself. i just need to keep shaving it off. Every second counts. I have been trying to incorporate more muscle traing like abs and thighs in there...which is what i need to do to be successful at completing this thing. On the weekends i training outside instead of in the gym. and there is a hill i call hell hill that gets the best of me every time and i hate it. so this weekend i'm going to run that hill as far as i can. my goal this weekend is 3 miles on saturday.

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