Monday, January 28, 2013

A Spiritual Direction.....FINALLY!!

So if u have followed me for these past few years that i have been keeping this blog u all know that as much as i write about my personal life with my daughter (and now i can say children) I write about my spiritual life/ journey. And these past few years have been a real challenge to find something that sits well with me and is enjoyable and comfortable. Christianity has lost it's charisma , given all the talk of burning forever in hell, and/ or isolation and foolishness. There are just things in it that dont make sense to me. And thats where it lost it's power for me. I cant follow something or hold something near and dear to me that i dont understand and question too much of. But this Law of Attraction and Chakra balancing stuff is GREAT!! i LOVE it...not only does it MAKE SENSE but it FEELS awesome. i collect crystals now and do lots of work with that. its been a great past few months. Christianity will always have a place in my life and heart but i am no longer bound by its fear of death or hell. But I'll always have room for it in my life, it's my foundation.

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