Monday, November 5, 2012

BOOK: The Upper Room by Mary Monroe

Mary Monroe is one of my all time FAVORITE authoress'. She REALLY knows how to create colorful characters and page turning plot lines that keep you coming back for more. HOWEVER....this book was not one of those for me. Despite all the positive reviews I read about it over the internet, I personally did not enjoy it. The story centers around a morbidly obese, emotionally unstable women called mama Ruby. In the story Mama Ruby resurrects her best friend's stillborn daughter (by performing a christian practice called "layingon of hands") and runs away with the child raising her as her own. The book is filled with a bunch of nosey annoying, irrational people that just got on my nerves. The whole book was just annoying to me. It took me FOREVER to read it, I was left with the question of what was so sacred about that upper room. NOTHING! You get through through the entire book HOPING to find out what was so special about the upper, and it's LITERALLY NOTHING! SO ANNOYING. I hated the whole thing!

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