Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Summer Regimen: Remember i said i was keeping it out for the Next Few weeks

1.I wet it daily- every other day when i shower. 2.Apply some sort of curl defining cream and the Eco Styler gel. Yeah, i'v jumped on the bandwagon with this product and I too love it like all the 95% of naturals out there. lol 3. Let it air dry 4. Sleep with my satin cap on. when i wake up for work all i have to do is pluck it out with my fingers It's so easy and it and it yields the results i like: moist defined, dense curls.FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM HAPPY WITH MY HAIR! At least for right now, we shall see what the winter months will bring. when i dont want to leave the house with damp hair. But for NOW, I'm HAPPY WITH IT!!

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