Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BOOK: Summer Sisters by Judy Blume

Dont judge me...but YES i am JUST NOW getting to reading a Judy Blume book. I know this was supposed to happen when i was like, in puberty or some shit, a right of passage sort of thing...but some of us are late blumers. and who gives a crap. loool. I liked the book simply because it was written in the 70's and is a comming of age story of two girls growing up in the late 70's and 80's. We all know my thirst for ALL things vintage. It doesnt just apply to my clothing style. lol.
It was OK. I feel like it wasnt as interesting to me because i do feel Judy Blume books are more so geared toward the teen/ adolecent audience, so much of it had a "been there, done that" kind of feel. But it was well written and DID have me TURING THE PAGES.
Its about two best friends Caitlyn and Victoria who spend each summer together. Caitlyn is the "way out there" one of the two and gives Vix the blues for most of the story. What I notice is that by this book being written so long ago a lot of movies and books are modeled after it far as the relationship between two females is concerned and the outcome of that freindship. Either way, I'll be recommending Judy Blume to Poots when she gets of age. But, Judy Blume is almost one of those authors you gotta hide from your mama if you're a young teen reading her, she can be kindda risque.

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Anonymous said...

The book was written in 1998...not the 70's, actually!

But I love it, t oo!