Friday, November 18, 2011

BOOK: Two Or Three Three Things I Know For Sure by: Dorathy Allison

The way this book was written is very interesting. Kind of like poetry, but its a memoir of the author's life growing up in the south and being a victim of abuse, and how she grew into her lesbianism. It was just an OK book. And i LOVE memoirs. Dorathy Allison is also the author of the book Bastard out of Carolina wich was later made into a movie. But i was dissapointed in this memoir. It seems like she held back in her writtings. I mean, if you're going to hold back....then why write a memoir?? Not to mention its a REALLY short book. You could finnish it in an hour. The last thing i didnt like was the ending. At the end of the book i had a lot of un answered questions, i wanted to know if she is ok NOW ect.But It just sort of dropped off and ENDED like this

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