Friday, September 23, 2011


i really enjoyed t his book although it was a bit sluggish at times because of the type of english used in writing it.It was written by Osama bin Laden's forth born son, Omar and his first wife Najwa. The information given in this book speaks about the TRUE man Osama Bin Laden was. The very private man he was even with his sons and wives. Nobody really knew much about HIM or what he was up to in his political affairs. His sons, especially Omar, never quite understood why he was the way he was. For example making them walk for hours in the hot dessertt sun without water or a break as a form of training them for war. or why they werent allowed to have toys or other conviences like a refridgerator. The book tells of the home life of Osama bin Laden and his sons that lead up to his position on Jahid and the stand his sons took and most notible Omar. A deffinate recommended read.

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