Sunday, May 8, 2011

I WILL NOT abandon my blog

My blog has been so faithful to me. How could i ever think of stepping out on her with tumblr or wordpress. althoughi must admitt things have been a little dry between the two of us lately....i wil stay by her side. lol
Im so sorry that i havnt written in so long. I have realllllllllllly had a serious case of writters block for ONE, and then for two i do most of my personal writting in my journal. i dont even tweet much anymore. Honestly, the deeper iv sunk into my depression the more private i have gotten. I was diagnosed clinically depressed some time back and my doctor put me on the meds. Its cool because they help. But some things dont seem to get better like: not really wanting to socialize 2.not sharing deep feelings. 3. not talking on the phone. pretty much anything that involves OTHER people i dont do anymore. I used to not have a problem with tweeting and blogging all my personal ish and talking to im soooo self concious about it.
What i have had a ball doing more of lately that i fell away from for a few years is thrift shopping. Lately i have been back in the thrift stores buying the things i LOVE to collect.
1.tee shirts
2. coffee cups
3.tote bags
4.vhs tapes of old walt disney movie for poots
5. dresses
HAVING A BALL SHOPPING AT THE THRIFT STORE!!! At any rate, i WILL be posting more often especially now since im growing my hair out. im still a bit nervous about it...however i think im ready. wish me luck!

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