Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BOOK: The Last American Man by Liz Gilbert

I love books that not only inspire me to do something different with myself and my life, but give me a muse for daydreaming. lol. i am a complete KID, in the deepest parts of me, so i am never afriad to turn inward and just DAYDREAM, and inmagin like children do. lol. with this said, THAT is exactly what this book inspired me to do. It tells the life story of Eustace Conway, a naturalist who moved into the woods when he was 17 years old armed with only his hand made teepee, a knife, and knowledge his mother instilled in him about the woods and out doors living. i have ALWAYS been drawn to this kind of life. Something inside of me so raw that aches for me sell everything and live far away in a cabin off the grid and out of site, deep into the woods. call me a tree huggin hippie i dont care.
But since the reality of packing up and manning the braves of the woods all alone is not a logical goal for a mother and wife, i read books about it and i day dream about it. For hours on end i meditate about simple living in distant places like alaska, and deep into the apalacian woods. i have composed mental list of ONLY the essentials that i would take along with me. but i must admitt that unlike Eustace i have never dreamed of catching my own food. Yes...i daydreamed of fresh produced being helicoptered in and dropped to my site on a daily basis (hangs head low). looool. But this book gave me a different dream. Me, bow and arrow in hand,bounding through the woods, bare wrestling....BEARS! mmmmm...bear meat.

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Wow, this seems like a pretty romantic story :-)