Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Writting

i often wonder, what i am good at. like really, really good at. and not just in my opinion good at it. i mean i want to find a habit or a skill that i can share with other people for thier benefit. like artists have the arts, what do us regular people have. i know i love reading, and writting, but honestly i dont feel i am good at writting. i enjoy it like hell though. so i keep my deepest pieces to myself. its odd though, because those deep, dark peices are probably the ones that will make me a millionair. but im too afraid to share. everyone in my life would be so hurt by the things i wrote and said that i would be rich with noone to spend it on. lol. But i sort of cant wait for 2011. its going to be an awesome year. i am looking forward to working super hard and stacking my money up. i went on a interview a couple weeks ago for a second job that i am pretty sure i also looking farwrd to going to school...AGAIN...i KNOW. but this year imma stick with it. i have put myself on a 5 year plan. for having a degree, moving into a house, and what not

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