Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watching Roots

last week at the library i got the dvd Queen by Alex Haley. i have always read about slavery and the civil rights movements ect....but reading about it never effected me as much as actually SEEING it. it has instilled a different kind of pride in me, a kind of pride that was'nt there growing up reading about slavery. it was there as i learned about the black kings and queen in the khemet and africa and i learned that africans were the first to have a CIVILization. it wasnt even there when our first black president was elected. dont get me wrong, there WAS pride...but nothing like THIS. although slavery in america was only such a SMALLLLLLL slither of our history, its still our history in THIS COUNTRY. this is what AMERICANS know as as, primarily. SLAVES who just happen to come up and get some rights during the Movement. ok, so i watch our beginning history in THIS country andi feel ashamed for not SHOWING my pride. iv said, done, and not done things that my ancestors would greatly frown upon.
since last week i have gotten the original Roots. i will follow with Roots: The Next Generation and Roots: The Gift

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